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White Piano Journey White Piano Theory White Fun Solos White Circle of Fifths

Yellow Piano Journey Yellow Piano Theory Yellow Fun Solos Yellow Circle of Fifths

Orange Piano Journey Orange Piano Theory Orange Fun Solos Orange Circle of Fifths

Green Piano Journey Green Piano Theory Green Fun Solos Green Circle of Fifths

Turquoise Piano Journey Turquoise Piano Theory Turquoise Fun Solos Turquoise Circle of Fifths

Blue Piano Journey Blue Piano Theory Blue Fun Solos Blue Circle of Fifths

Purple Piano Journey Purple Piano Theory Purple Fun Solos Purple Circle of Fifths

Red Piano Journey Red Piano Theory Red Fun Solos Red Circle of Fifths

Piano Journey™

Piano Journey contains a carefully selected collection of pieces in a step-by-step format that develop and reinforce students' ability to read music fluently. The weekly assignments are designed to simultaneously teach, engage and reward through interactive components and fun activities.

To enhance the learning process, each book contains teacher duets and sing-alongs to spark the imagination of students. The books also each offer more than 50 pieces in a variety of styles - from folk to classical to pop. It is recommended that all pieces be taught in sequential order - teachers can use My Assignments chart as a weekly assignment sheet for all the books.

Piano Theory

Piano Theory provides key principles for music comprehension. Chapters are designed to help students grasp the relationships between notes, rhythms, chords and scales. The easy-to-understand graphics and written exercises improve the students' understanding of concepts, and provide them with a solid foundation of music's fundamentals.

Each Theory book contains a set of flashcards to reinforce all concepts introduced in the book, as well as a My Goals Chart to track assignments. The books are formatted so that students can work independently or with guidance from their teacher. The game-like aspects encourage a competitive spirit that motivates students to finish all the pages and "graduate" to the next colored book.

Fun Solos

Fun Solos contain carefully selected pieces that develop musicality, teach technique, and inspire students to connect with music. While pieces are enjoyable and varied in style, their degree of difficulty increases very gradually to maintain students' confidence.

The Fun Solos books complement the teachings of Piano Journey, Piano Theory, and Circle of Fifths by encouraging students to play challenging pieces smoothly and correctly. By memorizing these songs, students also improve their performance skills.

Circle of Fifths

Circle of Fifths starts with five finger patterns and triads, then leads to teaching the relationships between major and minor keys, scales, inversions and chord progressions. Exercises develop effective technique, dexterity, and coordination.

The book is comprised of numerous exercises for each key, and a unique reward process. While the students are rewarded for the completion of each exercise, they must successfully complete a final Gold Seal Challenge in order to graduate to the next color level.