Girl playing piano
White Piano Journey White Piano Theory White Fun Solos White Circle of Fifths

Yellow Piano Journey Yellow Piano Theory Yellow Fun Solos Yellow Circle of Fifths

Orange Piano Journey Orange Piano Theory Orange Fun Solos Orange Circle of Fifths

Green Piano Journey Green Piano Theory Green Fun Solos Green Circle of Fifths

Turquoise Piano Journey Turquoise Piano Theory Turquoise Fun Solos Turquoise Circle of Fifths

Blue Piano Journey Blue Piano Theory Blue Fun Solos Blue Circle of Fifths

Purple Piano Journey Purple Piano Theory Purple Fun Solos Purple Circle of Fifths

Red Piano Journey Red Piano Theory Red Fun Solos Red Circle of Fifths

What Others Are Saying...

These are the first method books I've used that have made my students want to come back for each lesson. Not only are they getting a well-rounded music education, but also having so much fun doing it. They can't wait to complete each page to be able to 'graduate' to the next color book.
- Susan Sayeh, Susan Sayeh Music Studio

This book series is really wonderful - I'm impressed! I especially like that the format is clear and engaging for all ages. My students get so excited to do the flashcards; I can tell they are really understanding the theory and vocabulary.
- Nadia Cherni, Member of MTAC

It is such a joy to see how much fun my 5 year old son has with the white books. He always sings along to his favorite pieces, and I love watching his eyes light up when he understands a new concept.
- Sophie Norman

Our children have gained a true passion and love for music as a result of this curriculum. We never have to ask them to practice - they can't wait to for their turn on the piano!
- Mr. and Mrs. Cohen

These piano books inspired my daughters to want to master the fundamentals so they could move on to more advanced music. I was amazed at what they could play after only a few lessons!
- Steve Miller

The Visual Reward SystemTM is brilliant. It motivates my kids to set goals for themselves. My son is a sports fanatic and enjoys the internal competition of trying to achieve and surpass his goals.
- Nancy Paul

My students love playing all the pieces because they are fun and challenging. The games and exercises motivate them to practice at home and develop their music comprehension.
- Nune Martirosian, Member of MTAC

Since using this method at my music school, students have been receiving significantly higher results at the Certificate of Merit auditions. Due to the comprehensive theory books that follow the audition curriculum, many students are easily achieving 90% and above on their written exams.
- Nona Zakharyan, Royal Academy of Music

The books' unique approach to learning piano has not only encouraged a genuine love of music in my children, but also given them the confidence they each needed to master any piece at the piano.
- Stacy Kong

This method is incredible. Both my daughters, five and seven, began reading music in just a few months.
- Jen Robinson