Girl playing piano
White Piano Journey White Piano Theory White Fun Solos White Circle of Fifths

Yellow Piano Journey Yellow Piano Theory Yellow Fun Solos Yellow Circle of Fifths

Orange Piano Journey Orange Piano Theory Orange Fun Solos Orange Circle of Fifths

Green Piano Journey Green Piano Theory Green Fun Solos Green Circle of Fifths

Turquoise Piano Journey Turquoise Piano Theory Turquoise Fun Solos Turquoise Circle of Fifths

Blue Piano Journey Blue Piano Theory Blue Fun Solos Blue Circle of Fifths

Purple Piano Journey Purple Piano Theory Purple Fun Solos Purple Circle of Fifths

Red Piano Journey Red Piano Theory Red Fun Solos Red Circle of Fifths

Yellow Fun Solos

Fun Solos contains a variety of enjoyable pieces that develops musicality and inspires students to connect with the music.

Fun Solos Cover
  • 20 Fun, engaging pieces that will develop technique, articulation, artistry, and a love for piano
  • Stimulating teacher duets
  • Variety of styles, ranging from traditional to classical to original compositions
  • Exciting, sing-able lyrics
  • Motivational quotes and fun composer acts
  • Additional staff paper for composing
  • A certificate of completion for graduation to the next level
Fun Solos - Preview
Fun Solos - Preview 02 Fun Solos - Preview 03 Fun Solos - Preview 04

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